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1. Museums in Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... who will give free guided tours of the monastery and museum. -Dr Fazil Kucuk Museum Dr Kucuk was a practicing medical doctor who, on independence, was elected vice president of the new Republic of Cyprus. ...
2. Restaurants
(Local Info/Local Info)
... Turkish Football Federation (Turkish: Kibris Turk Futbol Federasyonu, KTFF) is the main football body in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It organises the TRNC football leagues, and the national ...
3. Cyprus Villa Holidays
(Holiday Cyprus/Holiday Cyprus)
...  getting very popular with Eurepeans, especially with British. The official languages are Greek and Turkish, but English is widely spoken here too. The Republic of Cyprus is a member of the European ...
4. How to Get to North Cyprus?
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can be reached by air and by sea. You may choose the most convenient way for you. Although there are no direct flights to the Turkish Republic ...
5. History
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
...  proclaimed a separate state, naming it the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). No country except for Turkey has recognised this 'state'. Peace talks have been held sporadically, but Cyprus ...
6. North Cyprus
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
Established on 15.11.1983 Capital Nicosia Area 3.355 km2 Population 264.169 Government The full name of North Cyprus is, "The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" or "T.R.N.C.".In Turkish Northern ...
7. Natural Life
(North Cyprus/North Cyprus)
... and secondly, that Cyprus forms a resting and nesting station for birds migrating between Africa and Eastern Europe. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has an intense ...
8. Beaches in Cyprus
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...  North Cyprus shooting If you prefer shooting at targets than animals, you can always visit a target range. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Shooting Federation has ranges at Gonyeli and Famagusta ...
9. History of Cyprus
(Local Info/Local Info)
... in exercise of the powers of guarantee agreed in the Treaty of Zurich. Since this time the island has remained divided. On the 15th November 1983 The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was founded. ...
10. A to Z
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... Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day July 20 Turkish Intervention, Peace and Freedom Day August 1 date of T.M.T (Social Resistance Day) August 30 Zafer Bayram (Victory Day) October 29 Turkish Republic ...

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